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TAIMedImg is directly incorporated into hospital systems. Doctors diagnose with the assistance of artificial intelligence, establishing an AI-assisted outpatient clinic in hospitals.


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AI learns from TAIMedImg medical images tagged by medical professionals to automatically identify lesions, reduce errors and medical costs, improve healthcare quality, overcome clinical issues, and optimize workflows.


TAIMedImg connects with PACS systems in hospitals, and accesses medical images automatically. Within 30 seconds, AI can specify lesion locations and sizes, and deliver back to physicians. It significantly reduces time required for manual inspections.


Product Features

● Organization and Integration of workflow

Organize existing workflows, systems, and databases in order to achieve better results

● Support for different medical imaging types

Including but not limited to CT / MRI / Ultrasonic / X-ray / Pathological

● Reduce clinical diagnosis time

Conventional diagnosis time usually takes around 30 minutes, while our system only takes 30 seconds

● Highly Precise clinical diagnosis assistance

AI labels the medical images, allowing for precise identification of lesions' shapes and sizes

● Improved cooperation quality and reduced clinical effort

Immediate diagnosis, follow-up with clinical professionals, and treatment, raising the quality of medicine

Medical Image Analysis



Automatically detect the primary brain tumor, necrosis, and edema in MRI images

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Automatically detect brain tumors in MRI images

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Automatically detect pulmonary nodules in CT images and reach conclusions faster

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Automatic labeling of liver and tumor by CT image

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Automatically verify ultrasonic image quality

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Inspect and categorize by AI to identify malaria in time

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Medical Big Data Analysis


Predict Sepsis in real time and 48 hours

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AI diabetes early detection system

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Minimally invasive surgeries, a widely hailed recent healthcare breakthrough, has strengthened the belief of medical professionals that technological advances can significantly enhance the quality of treatment on top of extending patient longevity. Driven by the motive to create a novel experience that will define the future of AI-assisted medicine, Taiwan AI Labs, a government supported organization, is empowering the healthcare realm with its medical image and data analysis solutions.

"Taiwan AI Labs is the first non-profit AI research initiative in Asia and strives to empower the area of healthcare," states Ethan Tu, Founder of Taiwan AI Labs. Earlier in his career, the industry veteran had served as the Principal Development Manager of software giant Microsoft Corporation and even.......

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