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What is AI-assisted Diagnosis?


The process begins with radiologists, who analyze the scans and make decisions based on the results. This information is then passed on to oncologists, who inspect the scans again and decide on a treatment.


There could be an extensive amount of time between the diagnosis and the final decision. The longer this process drags on, the greater the cost and emotional toll for the patients and hospitals. However, a misdiagnosis can delay treatment or even cause unforeseen health risks.

AI-assisted diagnosis

The future for preventative medicine

AI Solution

TAIMedImg provides hospitals with an AI-assisted diagnosis system, combining the knowledge between engineers and doctors, greatly reducing the diagnosis time. Our models can also identify tumors that require immediate attention within seconds, allowing doctors to treat them accordingly. Most importantly, these models constructed through clinical data can be used for preventative treatment and preemptively save lives.

TAIMedImg models are trained on professional knowledge and clinical data, allowing doctors to pinpoint the best course of action.

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